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Archive for June 8th, 2010

Using Exercises, Self-Observations and Practices in Coaching

At the end of the day, my work, as a coach, is to help my clients develop a level of awareness and an array of competencies to live robust, fulfilled lives.  The awareness includes the self, the world, and the self’s interactions with the world.  The competencies range from cognitive, to emotional, to somatic (body), to social.  The client learns how the competencies interact with and build upon one another.  The end goal is that the client is in a position to self regulate in areas of difficulty and self generate new patterns of behavior appropriate for ever changing circumstances.

I said all of this before in my first blog entry, which, I admit, is more of a FAQ.  But it bears repeating as we enter into the territory of exploring your personal narrative.  Coaching is relationship driven.  It is a collaboration.  It involves real work from both coach and client, and it cannot be developed or sustained without a significant amount of trust between the two.

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